Hit the ground running on day one

Jump straight into the most exciting and challenging parts of EVE Online — join us in fleet-based PVP as we fight for honor, wealth and territory.

The original newbro alliance

In 2013, Brave Newbies Inc. harnessed the power of new players at a never-before-seen scale, creating a model that has since been adopted by player corporations across the game.

Support and education

Receive free skillbooks, ships and resources from our education department, The Brave Dojo — and learn the ropes from experienced players in our regular teaching fleets.

Non-stop action

Make your home in the most violent system in New Eden, where the fighting never stops. The Brave Armada, our 24/7 home defense fleet, will have your back — will you have theirs?

Craft your own destiny

In the sandbox of EVE Online, you can be whatever you choose. Brave Collective will help you achieve your dreams, with room and support for all playstyles, from backroom traders to diplomats and fleet commanders.

An active worldwide community (US/EU/AU)

Players drawn from around the world, supported by a comprehensive IT infrastructure including forums, wiki, voice chat and Slack channels.

An alliance with principles

Welcoming, inclusive and classy, Brave is dedicated to helping players answer one simple question: What's your fun-per-hour?